Perfect and Stress-Free Wedding in Denmark (Required Documents & Checklist)

7 simple steps to the perfect wedding in Denmark.

Follow these instructions and your marriage in Denmark will be a fantastic experience.


As per 1 January 2019 has Denmark has changed the rules for the marriges. Rules have been unified and the list of documents has been extended.

The State will then charge a control fee. Since we are your authorized representatives, we will take carre of the contact with the Danish authorities and submit your documents to the national ID center. We do so only taking into account your wishes and plans for the wedding ceremony.

Power of Attorney

Step #1. To start the process of registration all necessary documents for the marriage in Denmark, you must fill out two forms, which are available on our website. These allow us to fill the very meticulous ”Notice of Marriage” on your behalf.

  1. Form 1 – Power of Attorney in English (pdf)
  2. Form 2 – Signatures (pdf).

The necessary documents are:

  1. Passport – all pages. *
  2. Visa *
  3. Civil status statement.
  4. Residency certification.
  5. For any mutual children, attach the birth certificate(s)
  6. In some cases Certificate of divorce/death.

* Does not apply to citizens of the Schengen countries + Norway, Sweden and Finland, who only have to supply an ID card.

Documents and signed forms must be sent to our e-mail address [email protected] (preferably as PDF files)

It is important that documents are sent to us no later than 5-6 weeks before the wanted wedding date, since the checking can take up to 3-4 weeks, before we receive the official confirmation from the ID Center and can inform you of the time and place.

NB. These documents must be in Danish, German or English translated by a sworn translator.

Has your native country not signed the Hague Convention, legalization/apostille from a notary public is also required.

American and British soldiers, who are stationed in Germany, have to produce a list of additional documents upon request.

NB. It may be money wasted, to book tickets and hotel, before everything is in place.

Proper preparation

The documents must be preferably scanned and sent as PDF files. Photoes is the second-best solution and can only be used if light and image quality is OK.

  1. Passports and other documents are scanned in full width and length. E.g. passport can spedes.
  2. In the copies, it is important that all words and signatures are legiable.

Please send the documents in Pdf format, no more than 10 MB in one color.

If a copy is continued on another sheet, it is important that all words and signatures are visuable.

  1. Please check of the documents and payment.

Once we have received your documents we will define the desired wedding date and wedding place together as well as the desired services. Then you deposit 50% to cover the preliminary expenses in our bank account. All fees are included in our package!

  1. The official approval of documents, on average, takes 4-6 weeks.

As soon as the ID center approves the documents, we will contact you.

  1. Then it is time to purchase tickets and make hotel reservations.

Do you want to be married in Ribe, you have to registrer 1 day prior to the wedding ceremony. Registration simply means you present the scanned documents in original version. In Tønder and Aabenraa registration is also 1 day prior to the wedding ceremony. That is why it is important to plan accommodation at a hotel, taking account of these deadlines.

In Ribe, we have our own little hotel/B&B (2 rooms for 4 guests) which can be reserved. Check out the website

  1. Arrival in Denmark

We are delighted to receive our guests upon arrival in Danmark. We accompany you to the registration in the Wedding Office, where we also take care of remaining organizational and financial matters. It is possible to be driven to and from the airport or train station. Read more about this under the tab “Packages and Prices“.

  1. Your unforgettable wedding ceremony in Denmark

We recommend you come to the wedding site 15-30 minutes before the ceremony.

After coming there the only thing you have to think about is saying ‘Yes’ and cross the threshold into a new future, a new family.

Elena & Leif Bossen

It will be a pleasure to assist you entering into the next phase of your life phase, by solving organizational and preparation problems.

You are welcome to call or write to us right now!